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Hassle-Free Timing Belt Replacements

A worn-out timing belt will directly and adversely affect your vehicle's performance. Replacing your vehicle's timing belt at the right time will save you thousands of dollars. Turn to the experts at Auto Station for a timely replacement of your car's timing belt.

Reasons Why Your Timing Belt Would Fail

  • Wear and tear: When your vehicle travels for miles at a stretch, the rubber teeth on the timing belt tends to wear down. If these get worn to the point where they can no longer grip the water pump gears, this will cause the pistons and valves to pump out of sync and hence cause a breakdown. It is ideally recommended to replace your vehicle's timing belt between 90 and 105 thousand miles of travel.
  • Water pump seizure: A water pump seizure is likely to happen if the coolant in your vehicle hasn't been flushed regularly. It causes the cooling system of your vehicle to fail, and when this happens, the water pump gear will stop turning thereby resulting in a breakdown of the timing belt.

Timing Belt Failure in Interference Engines

An interference engine consists of pistons moving up and down, and above these pistons are small valves that also pump up and down. The job of the timing belt is to ensure the pistons and the valves move in sync and such that they don't come in each other's way.

However, when the timing belt is broken or worn, the pistons and valves move out of sync, which usually results in the pistons forcefully hitting and breaking the valves. This would cause your vehicle to immediately break down. Hence, we recommend you to get your vehicle's timing belt checked before the 90 thousand mile mark.

Coolant and Heater Hose Services

The heater and coolant hoses of a vehicle are often overlooked by owners. Like timing belts, these hoses too are made of rubber and hence are prone to wear and tear as your vehicle travels more miles.

Though you can take a look under your vehicle's hood and know a fair bit about your heater or coolant hose, such hoses actually wear from inside out. So, if you want to avoid costly repairs, get your vehicle's hoses checked and changed well in advance rather than waiting till the time they break. 

Rely on the ASE-certified technicians at Auto Station to provide you with all the assistance and services required for your vehicle's heater and coolant hoses.
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