Suspension and Steering

Top-Quality Suspension and Steering Work

Get a Smoother Ride

Do you feel that your vehicle is not able to take the shocks of an uneven road? Wear and tear from driving over uneven surfaces and potholes results in loose steering and damaged suspension. Rely on the skillful technicians at Auto Station to make sure your alignment and suspension are always functioning properly.

All Suspension Parts Serviced

  • Rack and pinion replacement
  • Steering gear replacement
  • Power steering pump replacement
  • Electronic steering repair (steer by wire)
  • Strut and shock replacement
  • Alignments (four-wheel drive and front wheel drive)
  • Tie rod end replacement
  • Pitman arm and idler arm replacement
  • Center link and drag link replacement
  • Ball joint replacement
  • Control arm replacement
  • Power steering fluid leaks
  • Steering angle sensor diagnostics and repair
  • Coil spring and leaf spring replacement
  • Power steering hose replacement
  • Power steering fluid exchange service
  • Power steering noise diagnosis
  • Stabilizer link and bar replacement
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